About Insight 2.0

The Futuristic Insight 2.0 Incidence Management and Reporting System is an end-to-end, flexible and integrated solution for reporting on, responding to and investigating incidents. It enables you to create an invaluable knowledge base that will help you understand what’s happening and why, so as to properly manage resources, minimize impact and prevent incidences.

Whether for corporate security, physical security, ICT security, Human resources (health and occupational hazards, Compensation, Conflicts),ethics or compliance, Insight 2.0 can provide an incidence reporting and management system that is a true enterprise-wide vehicle for good return-on-investment.

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Simplified Reporting


Improved service delivery


Integrated case allocation and investigation


Deep insight into Incidence linkages and connections


Comprehensive feature list


Industry-leading accessibility


Run on the cloud or on premise


Value Features

Insight 2.0 comes with great features. It is also customizable to further suit your requirements. Contact us to arrange a demo (online, in our office or at your site). Download the value feature graphic here


Get deep insights into your data through the Expert Analyst search and reporting engine. Its Dynamic Link Analysis module will quickly and accurately determine relationships and connections allowing you to visualize and evaluate case files, entities, incident reports and much more. It also provides team performance reports.


Create cases from incidences, allocating them to investigators (inhouse and external) and track investigation progress. Geographic spread is not a limitation. It assigns tasks, consolidates evidence, involvements, persons and organisations and generate automated notifications and alerts.


Automated incidence reports capture through telephone, email, SMS, and a Facebook page with integration to PABX systems, Mail Servers and SMS gateways. More advanced features include online claims forms, notifications/alerts, web/email based reports (PDF, HTML or WORD), task management, follow-up management, integrated 3rd party queries and expert analysis etc.


Can run on the cloud (outsourced hosting environment or within your premise). For a hosted cloud service, your investment shall be a monthly subscription fee. If this is your prefered option then you are ready to start immediately. Download the "How to acquire Insight 2.0 Pro" brochure here


The Insight 2.0 mobile interface will empower your clients to self report and submit digitally all required information from any internet connected device reducing data capture and digitalisation effort. It can be accessed from any browser including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.


Incidence reports can be self-made or can be submitted through email, SMS, Telephone or a Facebook page. Insight 2.0 integrates all these and presents them on a centralised Client Relationship Module (CRM) that your team can easily interact with your clients for first hand advice and information requests.


Insight 2.0 comprises of 4 key modules: Incidence Reporting (Responsive Web based reporting client), Relationship Manager (For agents or first hand advisors), Investigation Manager (For case investigations and reporting) and Expert Analyst (For business intelligence and dynamic link searches).We will be pleased to organise a system demonstration either online, at your office or at our offices. Use the contact form below to get intouch and make a demo request

Insight 2.0-Incidence Reporting Portal

Insight 2.0-Relationship Manager

Insight 2.0-Investigation Manager

Insight 2.0-Expert Analysis Portal

Acquire Insight 2.0

With just three simple steps, you can acquire Insight 2.0 either as a cloud service or as a local installation in your organization.


Contact us to arrange a demo (online, in our office or at your site). You may download the value feature graphic here . We are more than pleased to showcase the system functionality and implement a Proof of Concept(PoC).


Insight 2.0 can be delivered both as a locally available solution (within your premise) or as our hosted and managed online service. We will be glad to discuss with you the merits and demerits of the 2 options.


We offer the most flexible and affordable payment plan where you pay a monthly subscription fee based on the modules adopted and the number of users.

Hosted plan

Monthly Subscription Fees
Monthly License Fees per user
  • Free Setup
  • Guaranteed 4 Core Processor,32Gb RAM,300Gb storage,
  • 100Mbps non-throttled uplink
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In house Hosting

Monthly License Fees per user
  • Free Setup if within Kenya
  • Own hosting server (Minimum specifications: 19" Intel Corei5, 500gB HDD, 4GB RAM approximately Kshs 70,000)
  • Own back-up, availability options,connectivity and first hand support
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